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Refusal reasons

There may be different reasons for the rejection. You need to check the action code that comes in the response. Action code is a numeric code of a result received from a processing bank. In addition to order status, action code helps to understand the details of a transaction processing.

Online payment errors

The below table describes action codes existing in the Payment Gateway.

Action code Description
0 Payment has been performed successfully.
-20010 Transaction is rejected since the amount exceeds limits specified by the Issuing bank.
-9000 State of transaction start.
-2102 Rejected by a passenger name.
-2101 Rejected by email.
-2025 Declined. RReq (Results Request Message) received from ACS during Challenge-authentication is not "Y". Used for 3D-Secure (v.2).
-2024 Declined. Frictionless 3D-Secure (v.2) authentication is forbidden. Used for 3D-Secure (v.2).
-2023 ARes (Authentication Response Message) received from ACS during Frictionless-authentication is "U". Used for 3D-Secure (v.2).
-2020 Invalid ECI (electronic commerce indicator). This code means that ECI received in PaRes (Payer Authentication Response) is not valid for the IPS (International Payment System). The rule applies only to MasterCard (available values - 01,02) and Visa (available values - 05,06).
-2019 Payment declined. PARes (Payer Authentication Response) from the issuing bank contains iReq element, which caused the payment rejection.
-2018 Payment declined. There is no access to Directory server Visa or MaterCard or a connection error occurred after card involvement request (VeReq). This is an error of interaction between payment gate and IPS servers due to technical problems on the side of IPS servers.
-2017 Rejected. PARes (Payer Authentication Response) received from ACS is not "Y". Used for 3D-Secure (v.2).
-2016 Payment declined. Issuing bank could not determine if the card is 3D-Secure.
-2015 Payment declined. VERes from DS contains iReq element, which caused the payment rejection.
-2013 All payment attempts were used.
-2011 Issuing bank was not able to perform 3D-Secure card authorization.
-2010 Mismatching of XID (electronic commerce indicator of the transaction).
-2007 Payment declined. The period allotted for card details entering has expired (by default, the timeout is 20 minutes; session duration may be specified while order registering; if the Merchant has "Alternative session timeout" permission, then timeout duration is specified in Merchant settings).
-2006 Means that issuing bank rejected authentication (3DS authorization has not been performed).
-2005 Means that Payment Gateway could not check issuing bank sign, i.e. PARes (Payer Authentication Response) was readable, but the sign was wrong.
-2003 Blocking by port.
-2002 Transaction was rejected because payment amount exceeded established limits. Note: it could be a limit of day withdrawal established by the Bank-acquirer, or a limit of transactions by one card established by the Merchant, or a limit for one transaction established by the Merchant.
-2001 Transaction is rejected since the Cient's IP-address is in the black list.
-2000 Transaction is rejected since the card number is in the black list.
-100 There were no payment attempts.
999 The beginning of the transaction authorization is missed. Declined by fraud.
1001 Payment data input timeout (is specified at the moment of transaction authorization, when card details are not entered yet).
2002 Incorrect operation.
2003 SSL (not 3D-Secure/SecureCode) transactions are forbidden for the Merchant.
2004 Payment through SSL without CVC2 is forbidden.
2005 Payment does not meet terms of the rule of 3DS validation.
2006 One-phase payments are forbidden.
2008 The transaction is not completed.
2009 Refund amount exceeds deposited amount.
2014 Error of 3DS rule execution.
2015 Terminal select rule error (the rule is incorrect).
2016 3D-Secure payment is necessary, but the Merchant does not have a permission for 3D-Secure payment.
2023 The request queue for processing has exceeded the allowed limit.
4005 Declined by the Merchant.
71015 Entered card details are incorrect.
151018 Processing timeout. Sending failed.
151019 Processing timeout. Sending is successful, but the response from the bank was not received.
341014 Payment Gateway general error.

The action codes 1 - 998 are related to the errors specific for processing center of the bank. For details, please contact the support team of the bank.