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This page provides information on how to create a payment link template. When a customer clicks on this link, they will be directed to the payment page where they can transfer funds. This information is part of the comprehensive Merchant Portal User Guide, which can be accessed here.

Payment links

You can create a template for payment links that will redirect the customer to the payment page.

To create a link to a payment page , follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Personal Area.
  2. In the left sidebar, select the Payment Links section:
  3. Click +Add payment link in the upper right corner of the page. This will display a form for you to fill out:

Fill in the required fields according to the table:

Required Field Description
Mandatory Link name The name of the link, which is only available to the merchant.
Optional Description Description of the order, which is only visible to the merchant.
Mandatory Title The title that will be visible to the customer on the pre-payment page.
Optional Amount of payment The default value is "100.00". If you click on "Arbitrary amount", the customer can specify the amount for payment on the payment page.
Default Currency It is set by default, the value is set according to the merchant settings.
Optional Action period The default setting is one month from the current date. You can set a different interval: to do this, click on the date and select the required start and end dates of the link from the drop-down calendar. If the Indefinite field is enabled, this field is not available for editing.
Optional Description Description of the order, which will be displayed to the customer on the pre-payment page.

Fill in additional parameters if needed. It is possible to add your own parameters. To do this, click +Add parameter and fill in the fields:

Field Description
Address Whether or not to display the delivery address field on the pre-payment page.
Email Whether or not to display the field for entering the customer's e-mail on the pre-payment page.
Full name Whether or not to display the field for entering the customer's name and surname on the pre-payment page.
Phone number Whether or not to display the field for entering the customer's phone number on the pre-payment page.
Label The name of the parameter that the client sees.
Name Required for the payment gateway. Only Latin characters and underscores are allowed. For example: size, items_count, etc.
Placeholder A tip for the customer with an example of how to fill out the field.
Regexp A regular expression is used to check the input data.
Value Pre-filled data in the field. The client will not be able to change this value.
Required parameter A checkbox to be checked if the new parameter is mandatory for the client.

After filling in all the required fields, click Create payment link at the bottom of the form. After that the link will be displayed on the main page with the status Active:

Icons of possible actions are presented in the table with the created templates of payment links in the right column.

Select the required search criteria and click Apply in the filter window. To clear all filter fields, click the Reset button.

You can search by the following parameters:

Pre-payment/Payment page

If additional parameters were specified while creating the link (E-mail/Full name/Phone/Address) or the payment amount field was left blank, the client should fill in the required field(s) on the prepayment page when opening the generated payment link and only then proceed to the payment of the order. An example of the pre-payment page with an additional parameter:

An example of a pre-payment page with an order amount without additional parameters:

An example of a payment page:

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